Catherine Cattaruzza

About me

I have been studying commercial science and after that have been working for 20 years in (sales) management positions in different multinationals. In august 2014 I got stuck in a burn out and I took this opportunity to investigate more about my purpose in this life. I love personal growth and to see other people grow and connect to the core of who they are. How those processes deepen connections and depth in the way to work and live together. NVC @ schools is also one of my dreams: children need safe spaces in order to be open to learn. Being able to install partnership paradigm instead of “power over” helps a lot to install that safe climate.
I am most grateful for the depth of relation NVC brought with my children and I would love all parents in the world being able to experience that…
At this very moment, just coming home from an NVC certification assessment where I was community member – decided to candidate for certification… I feel blessed to be able to work with and share this sacred NVC way of living <3

Short Description

I got in NVC in 2015 while recovering from a burn out. Learning and integrating NVC got me back in connection in myself and learned me how I could better take care of myself and set more clear boundaries. I am now Sharing NVC in companies and schools