This page provides an opportunity to get to know each other a little bit, before meeting in person at the IIT Hungary. After your registration was confirmed by CNVC, you can upload below an introduction about yourself. We trust you, you will do it only after your registration. Thank you🙂

Catherine Cattaruzza

I got in NVC in 2015 while recovering from a burn out. Learning and integrating NVC got me back in connection in myself and learned me how I could better take care of myself and set more clear boundaries. I am now Sharing NVC in companies and schools

I have been studying commercial science and after that have been working for 20 years in (sales) management positions in different multinationals. In august 2014 I got stuck in a burn out and I took this opportunity to investigate more about my purpose in this life. I love personal growth and to see other people grow and connect to the core of who they are. How those processes deepen connections and depth in the way to work and live together. NVC @ schools is also one of my dreams: children need safe spaces in order to be open to learn. Being able to install partnership paradigm instead of “power over” helps a lot to install that safe climate.
I am most grateful for the depth of relation NVC brought with my children and I would love all parents in the world being able to experience that…
At this very moment, just coming home from an NVC certification assessment where I was community member – decided to candidate for certification… I feel blessed to be able to work with and share this sacred NVC way of living <3

Markus Castro

I am an NVC Trainer from Potsdam, Germany. I enjoy NVC the most, when it’s not a 4-step dogma but rather a guideline for connecting. Apart from that, I like a dry sense of humor, dancing and all sorts of movement.

Olga Belogrivtseva

I’m passionate about sharing NVC as a path connecting people with natural oneness of all living beings. Such awareness contributes to changing habits, reducing individual’s ecological footprint and building strong communities.

I was born in Soviet Moscow. As a child I witnessed collapse of the Soviet Union.

I graduated from the Moscow State University with Law degree and had been building my legal career for about 10 years until I realized vainness and deep meaningless of working for the sake of earning a living only. Then I got interested in psychology and started another higher education root.

In the middle of my study my husband-to-be was invited to work in Cyprus, and this is how we emigrated (though initially we intended to move for only a year). My children, Tess and Andrey, were born in Cyprus. My home is in Cyprus, at the same time I strive for making and maintaining my connections with Russia.

I continued my psychological studies online in the Open University (UK). My intention to practice psychology brought me to Cyprus Samaritans, where I volunteered for around 2 years. Simultaneously I started to run a support group for young mothers. When my daughter grew up a bit, I got interested in developing progressive education and jointed Lighthouse School in Limassol as a co-facilitator. Exactly then and there I was introduced to Nonviolent Communication as a source of simple answers to complex questions about relationships between adults and children.

Since 2013 I run parenting courses, online NVC courses, NVC weekend trainings in different cities in Russia, introductory workshops during festivals, and organize and run summer family camps. In May 2019 I was certified by CNVC.

My passion in sharing NVC lays in the following areas.
1. Organizing and running NVC Family Camps for Russian speakers. I create NVC family camp as a link between NVC community and general public who share similar vision. I do it with other NVC practitioners and trainers in the spirit of compassion, joyful and willing contribution to others, and peaceful conflict resolution. I envision NVC family camp to become nourishing space for fostering new connections, growth of the community and empowerment for social change efforts.

2. “Delivering” NVC to children as people of the future (by sharing NVC with parents or in a school setting or otherwise). I develop events and activities, work on continuous NVC support for one school with the basic assumption of given by nature value of each and every individual – a child, a parent, a teacher, an administrator and myself. I plan to bring into play experts from the international NVC community who have vast experience working with children, educators and care givers.

3. NVC in service to befriending humans and the Earth. I search for creative ways to share with general public NVC consciousness that connects people with natural oneness of all living beings. Such awareness contributes to changing habits and reducing individual’s ecological footprint. At the same time, I would like to support people who are desperate, helpless or burned out because what they do isn’t enough for our planet. I develop my abilities to communicate with authority compassionately and powerfully in order to initiate change in the system.

Dmitriy Kopina

Dmitriy is being human at first and finding precious gift of Life in him and any other living being, through connection and empathy, is the main aim of Life in him.

Deeply connected with mother Nature he is in his quest toward exploration, joy, grow, care, love and admiring the beauty of needs and feelings Life brings to us.

His life mission and purpose involve activities that are supporting individuals finding their authenticity, fullness of life and awareness; connecting people together, building “power with” communities based on equality of all needs and using forms of communication and full embodiment to support connecting individuals and groups into their essence, consciousness and spirituality.

Working as trainer, expert, adviser, manager, father and a teacher for over 27 years, he is keen in exploring and sharing life with others.

Chris Rajendram

I met Marshall in 1996 while pursuing my studies on communication at the Ohio State University. I was searching for something that could help my war torn country and the war weary people.  

At the very first session with Marshall, it became very clear that I have found the teachings that I was looking for. I immediately started integrating the learnings of NVC into my life. NVC became my life. It lit up my life from every corner. I learnt to be present. I continue to learn to be present….

Hagit Lifshitz

I have started my professional carrier as a police officer, working as a Social Welfare Officer and Educational Officer, creating, directing and facilitating programs for police officers in Human Rights, Ethics, Democracy, Human-Relations & Effective Communication.

I met Marshall Rosenberg in 1996 and was trained by him for a full intensive year, while running his intensive NVC project with the Israel Police.

I am certified with CNVC and have extensive field experience, working with Palestinians and Israelis in conflict situations, facilitating processes of dialogue, with multi-cultural and multinational conflicting groups, including 10 international residential trainings and 3 International Intensive NVC Trainings (IIT’s).

I have a long term experience in conflict transformation and mediation, as a consultant for schools, couples, individuals and groups.

M.A. in Educational Counselling from the Hebrew U. Israel

B.A. in Behavioral Sciences from Ben Gurion U. Israel

Professional facilitator for conflicting groups

Professional mediator for courts

Professional trainer for courts’ mediators

Co-founder and director of Mifgash (Encounter) For Conflict Transformation.

Editor and host of the radio show “On Wolves and Giraffes – Peace Is Not Only Politics” at All-For-Peace Palestinian-Israeli Radio.

I practice meditation and am active with groups to promote inner peace and peace in the world.

Carl Plesner

As a colleague in the team I think that you may experience me as flexible, highly curious and mostly calm and relaxed team member in meetings. I also hear from people that I at times in trainings can be perceived as intense in my energy, and for some this can be experienced as overwhelming and for others as inspiration and resonance.

These are some session topics that I (at this moment) imagine I can bring to an IIT. All topics are aimed toward ordinary life situations with family, children, colleagues, friends and business partners:

  • Thoughts about what NVC is: a way of understanding life, a way of using power and a way to communicate, or?
  • Exploring and practicing processes of reconciliation and restoration of relationships
  • How to mediate conflicts
  • How to negotiate mutual caring and satisfying agreements with family, friends, colleagues and others
  • Transforming rebellion / submission to choice and self-empowerment, for yourself and others
  • When and how to apply the protective compassionate use of force
  • De-fusing anger and aggression, revealing and reconnecting with the life-enriching energy behind it
  • Restorative practices; how to maintain mutual caring relationships, fellowships and communities in order to prevent violent conflicts
  • What to do when “NVC doesn’t work” (hint; there’s always a way forward with NVC)
  • Exploring the relationship between love and violence
  • Children as our teachers in gardening: how to support seeds to grow and flourish and become that unique beautiful life-enriching plant that the seed always where meant to be.

These topics arrive from my experiences working with NVC. Mostly, I have applied NVC in working with a large variety of conflicts, and to a somewhat lesser degree I have worked as a NVC trainer. I have worked primarily in these three fields:

The first sphere is restorative justice and reconciliation. Working for Danish police for 5 years I have facilitated numerous meetings between receivers and authors of violence. This includes cases of domestic violence, and basically many other forms of violence one can imagine.
From this I have learned about how to apply the tools of NVC to support healing and transformation between parties in the aftermath of violence. I have learned a lot about how violence are connected to dignity and about those mechanisms in society and relationships that promote the possibility of an individual choosing violence as a strategy.

The second sphere is working with schoolchildren (in ages 11-15). I was a hired by schools as a “dialogue learning facilitator” to work with school classes that struggled from a tense and stress full social environment.

From these children I have learned a lot about how children evaluate and interpreted the acts of adults and what reasons children have have when they lie and rebel to adult authority. And also about what makes children submit to adult authority and what consequences it has for them. I have also learned a lot about what children sees that adults can do in order to support a safe, trustful and friendly learning environment in schools.

The third sphere is conflicts at national community levels. Since my participation in the revolution almost 4 years ago in Ukraine I have in various roles worked intensively responding to this and the following war with Russia. Both as an individual, as an international diplomat and now in a NGO.

In this sphere I have talked with, listened to, trained and facilitated dialogues and negotiations for radical ultra left and right wing groups, armed activists, riot police, military, armed rebel separatists and so many more involved in war, riots and violent confrontations ranging from a local community level to national levels.

From this I have learned a lot about the compassionate use of force as an opposite to punitive use of force. I have learned that the mechanisms I saw with authors and receivers of domestic violence and from the children are the exact same as the mechanisms at a national/international level. I also learned about why there’s still so much war and conflict in the world, and some particular reasons of why NVC doesn’t always make a miracle of peace in war, uprisings and riots.


These days I am lead trainer of training programme in which carefully selected Ukrainians are learning skills such as negotiation, mediation, dialogue facilitation and NVC in general. During this 1-year full time training programme participants receive around 67 days of training within the first 6 months, and the rest of the time they work in their local community in order to support that community to respond to disputes nonviolently.

The participants receive a scholarship during this year in order to support their living. The aim is to build local capacity in Ukraine to engage and respond to any type of conflicts that are hurting the people and splitting the communities.

Anna Pataki

I have been working as a management consultant and project manager for more than ten years in Hungary and internationally. I like many things about it, including the structural thinking, the complexity, the creativity and the interactions with many different people. When I met NVC, shortly after the birth of my daughter, I discovered that I can consider the world I had been living in as “a world of the brain”, and through NVC, I found a whole new world out there, that I may call “a world of the heart”.

I am so grateful for getting to know this whole new world, this “thing” so-called NVC (I heard from Kathleen Macferran that at a training, Marshall started with the statement that “There is no such thing as NVC…”). There are so many things I have been learning and experiencing thanks to it, like connecting to people I could never imagine connecting to before, expressing difficult messages honestly or saying no while strengthening the relationship with the other person, turning with empathy towards myself and others in tense situations (or at least after the situation:) ), the power of “just” being present… and I could go on with this list for a while.

I believe that both the “world of the brain” and “that of the heart” have their places in life, and if I can make a conscious choice about which one I am living in in certain moments, it gives me so much freedom, understanding and opportunities to connect with other people in a way that serves us best.

I am so excited to co-organize this IIT, to get to know several new people from around the Globe with whom we share an interest in taking the journey of NVC, and also to meet people again from this world-wide community; to learn and develop throughout the (sometimes bumpy) road towards the event and during the IIT as well.

Éva Rambala

I cannot decide if my pain or excitement is bigger in relation to this IIT. After having participated in more than 40 IITs, led by Marshall, for me this is going to be the first one without him being physically present.

I am scared, if I will be able to live the spirit of NVC under such intensity for 9 days with 70 people living together. My crutch is:

“If something worth doing, it worth doing poorly”

Marshall Rosenberg

Once, when I felt really lonely, I asked myself: who are the people or group of people to whom I am really committed to connect? The answer I found in my heart is, beside my biological family, those who are well experienced in practicing empathic presence and honesty without criticism. We can call this the practice of NVC. It is a special joy to have real conflicts with such people, because through them, I can understand myself and the other person on a much deeper level. And somehow, after reconnection there is learning and celebration.


About Éva Rambala:

  • Vast experience: over the last 20 years, Eva has delivered 2.500+ workshop days of Nonviolent Communication training in 35+ countries. Prior to her career as a trainer, Eva acquired 10 years of business experience.
  • Flexibility: In addition to large and small business clients, Eva has clients in the world of education (from kindergartens to universities), NGOs, government services (hospitals, prisons and orphanages), and in the Civil society (spiritual communities).
  • Recognised authority: Eva began her NVC career by working closely with Marshall Rosenberg, the inventor of this method, for five consecutive years. She has gone on to give popular “train the trainer” programs.


  • 2009 European University Center for Peace Studies,
  • Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies,
  • 1999 Certified trainer of the International Center for Nonviolent Communication;
  • 1995 Budapest Business School, Faculty of Pedagogy;
  • 1987 Budapest Business School, Faculty of Commerce;

Professional experience:

  • 1999 to date Certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication
  • Eastern European Coordinator (since 2002);
  • 1994 – 2000 Sämling Ltd, Department leader;
  • 1989 – 1994 Irodakultura Studio, Project manager.

Publications in Hungarian:

  • Rambala Éva – SzĂ­vek Ă©s szavak CD
  • Bagdy E. – Bishop, B. – Böjte Cs. – Rambala É.: Hidak egymáshoz – Empátia, kommunikáciĂł, konfliktusok
  • Rambala Éva – ErĹ‘szakmentes kommunikáciĂł


I am in love with this process, called Nonviolent communication (NVC). Practicing it is the greatest improvement in the quality of my life. The idea that I can be honest without criticising gives me much bigger freedom than I have ever imagined having, before I met NVC. Being able to guess the other person’s possible feelings and needs reduces the number of “idiots” around me to zero. I am not saying that empathic guesses are my first thoughts all the time, but sooner or later I will get there.

So, I experience much more freedom and safety.

I discovered this approach in 1996. Ever since I have been committed to use it in every aspect of my life: handling conflicts in my family in an honest and loving way, working effectively and in a compassionate manner, taking full responsibility for my actions and thoughts, taking meaningful actions and contributing to the best of my ability to social change.

In 1999, I quit my business job and started my career as an NVC trainer. In 2000, I became an authorized trainer of the International Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC). I worked closely with Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of CNVC, for 5 years, on a couple of hundred trainings.

Since 2000, I have been serving as Eastern European project coordinator of CNVC. In this role, my task is to support the creation and strengthening of Eastern European NVC teams and to train the local NVC trainers. The projects are not coordinated by CNVC anymore, but my heart is still in sharing NVC in this region.

I have worked in more than 35 countries, for various companies, open groups, in orphanages, universities, schools, prisons, hospitals, “train the trainer” programs, spiritual communities.

Zoltán Varga

I got into NVC because I was getting angry a lot. One day I found myself tearing my girlfriends’s hair. At that moment I felt powerful, but after it I felt shame and sadness.

Then I read from Marshall that the cause of my anger is not what other people do, but what I think about it. Immediately the light went on: I can do something about it! So I went deep into this process and my inner world, and I try to use my power in ways that give me more chance to get what I want.

In the meantime I’ve co-created an NVC men’s group which gives so much to my life. Thanks to this, I have friends who I can call when I’m either in joy or pain, and they are happy to be with my joy or pain. And we have great fun. I’m not sure what more I can wish for.

My newest hobby is going up to beautiful women on the street and talk with them. I love it because I’m practicing honesty, courage, and giving. It’s amuses me and sometimes makes me cry. I can talk about this all day, so if you want to connect with me, just come and ask about it.

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