Zoltán Varga

About me

Then I read from Marshall that the cause of my anger is not what other people do, but what I think about it. Immediately the light went on: I can do something about it! So I went deep into this process and my inner world, and I try to use my power in ways that give me more chance to get what I want.

In the meantime I’ve co-created an NVC men’s group which gives so much to my life. Thanks to this, I have friends who I can call when I’m either in joy or pain, and they are happy to be with my joy or pain. And we have great fun. I’m not sure what more I can wish for.

My newest hobby is going up to beautiful women on the street and talk with them. I love it because I’m practicing honesty, courage, and giving. It’s amuses me and sometimes makes me cry. I can talk about this all day, so if you want to connect with me, just come and ask about it.

Short Description

I got into NVC because I was getting angry a lot. One day I found myself tearing my girlfriends’s hair. At that moment I felt powerful, but after it I felt shame and sadness.