Olga Belogrivtseva

About me

I was born in Soviet Moscow. As a child I witnessed collapse of the Soviet Union.

I graduated from the Moscow State University with Law degree and had been building my legal career for about 10 years until I realized vainness and deep meaningless of working for the sake of earning a living only. Then I got interested in psychology and started another higher education root.

In the middle of my study my husband-to-be was invited to work in Cyprus, and this is how we emigrated (though initially we intended to move for only a year). My children, Tess and Andrey, were born in Cyprus. My home is in Cyprus, at the same time I strive for making and maintaining my connections with Russia.

I continued my psychological studies online in the Open University (UK). My intention to practice psychology brought me to Cyprus Samaritans, where I volunteered for around 2 years. Simultaneously I started to run a support group for young mothers. When my daughter grew up a bit, I got interested in developing progressive education and jointed Lighthouse School in Limassol as a co-facilitator. Exactly then and there I was introduced to Nonviolent Communication as a source of simple answers to complex questions about relationships between adults and children.

Since 2013 I run parenting courses, online NVC courses, NVC weekend trainings in different cities in Russia, introductory workshops during festivals, and organize and run summer family camps. In May 2019 I was certified by CNVC.

My passion in sharing NVC lays in the following areas.
1. Organizing and running NVC Family Camps for Russian speakers. I create NVC family camp as a link between NVC community and general public who share similar vision. I do it with other NVC practitioners and trainers in the spirit of compassion, joyful and willing contribution to others, and peaceful conflict resolution. I envision NVC family camp to become nourishing space for fostering new connections, growth of the community and empowerment for social change efforts.

2. “Delivering” NVC to children as people of the future (by sharing NVC with parents or in a school setting or otherwise). I develop events and activities, work on continuous NVC support for one school with the basic assumption of given by nature value of each and every individual – a child, a parent, a teacher, an administrator and myself. I plan to bring into play experts from the international NVC community who have vast experience working with children, educators and care givers.

3. NVC in service to befriending humans and the Earth. I search for creative ways to share with general public NVC consciousness that connects people with natural oneness of all living beings. Such awareness contributes to changing habits and reducing individual’s ecological footprint. At the same time, I would like to support people who are desperate, helpless or burned out because what they do isn’t enough for our planet. I develop my abilities to communicate with authority compassionately and powerfully in order to initiate change in the system.

Short Description

I’m passionate about sharing NVC as a path connecting people with natural oneness of all living beings. Such awareness contributes to changing habits, reducing individual’s ecological footprint and building strong communities.