Anna Pataki

About me

I am so grateful for getting to know this whole new world, this “thing” so-called NVC (I heard from Kathleen Macferran that at a training, Marshall started with the statement that “There is no such thing as NVC…”). There are so many things I have been learning and experiencing thanks to it, like connecting to people I could never imagine connecting to before, expressing difficult messages honestly or saying no while strengthening the relationship with the other person, turning with empathy towards myself and others in tense situations (or at least after the situation:) ), the power of “just” being present… and I could go on with this list for a while.

I believe that both the “world of the brain” and “that of the heart” have their places in life, and if I can make a conscious choice about which one I am living in in certain moments, it gives me so much freedom, understanding and opportunities to connect with other people in a way that serves us best.

I am so excited to co-organize this IIT, to get to know several new people from around the Globe with whom we share an interest in taking the journey of NVC, and also to meet people again from this world-wide community; to learn and develop throughout the (sometimes bumpy) road towards the event and during the IIT as well.

Short Description

I have been working as a management consultant and project manager for more than ten years in Hungary and internationally. I like many things about it, including the structural thinking, the complexity, the creativity and the interactions with many different people. When I met NVC, shortly after the birth of my daughter, I discovered that I can consider the world I had been living in as “a world of the brain”, and through NVC, I found a whole new world out there, that I may call “a world of the heart”.